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Archived Updates regarding transition from PPICS data system to new federal data system:

September 15, 2016
Webinar Local Evaluation for 21CCLC FY15-16
This webinar was led by Ron Cravey and Rusty Sinclar at ERMS, the evaluation team for IA 21CCLC, to instruct on use of the new local evaluation form.
Recording: Click here to listen to the webinar recording.

State Evaluators List December 2016

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May 6, 2015 Update:

PPICS officially shut down on Friday, October 10,2014 at 5:00 PM EST. The company that will manage the new data collection system will be the Tactile Group, who is also in charge of the Y4Y (You for Youth) website.

More information was released by the Federal Department of Education on February 19, 2014 regarding the new data tool. There will be a beta release on April 1, 2015 and we anticipate online training and webinars between April and October. The API for electronic interfacing with the system will not be available until October 2015 (inform your vendors). In the past, 24 spreadsheets were uploaded that gathered the data into PPICS, now data will be directly uploaded into the API (similar to a login with your Google ID on a different website).

Once fully-operational, it will feature a user-centered design, and will be accessible from any device. Reporting will be based on GPRA measures, but the Department is working with the White House on tailoring these measures and it may take some time. When developed, the tool will allow for “real-time” entry; grantees will be able to enter information at any time and reports will also be viewable at any time. Grantees will be able to modify reports based on the information they are seeking. The system will implement visualization, which will allow users to see program information in the form of colorful maps, charts and graphs instantly. It will not be a static map, but rather, an interactive one, that the user can interact with and tailor to his or her needs. The visuals will be extractable in various formats so that they can be shared by grantees, as needed. Individual center data will be able to be broken down by various variables, including a center grade performance dashboard, through which the number of students who improved or declined can be compared across time, as well as comparison of performance in math and reading. The tool is intended to leverage the data that is entered by grantees. The roll out schedule will be progressive, and the Department wants to develop the system in iterations (or improved versions, over time).

There will be no new input elements for the 2014-2015 (current) reporting period. Continue to collect your data normally. It is hoped that an upload tool will be developed before the deadline to upload the data into the new system. Right now, the system is being built for state SEA input and at the last meeting, they discovered that in many states, programs enter data into the system directly. Vic will be serving on an internal consulting committee for the new system and will keep you posted on important milestones as the product unfolds.

The Iowa contact for technical assistance during the transition is Vic Jaras (vic.jaras@iowa.gov) or 515-242-6354 and Tim Glenn (Tim.glenn@iowa.gov) or 515-281-3506. The national technical assistance contact is: 1-866-356-2711, or contact the help desk by e-mailing 21stCCLC_APR@thetactilegroup.com.

PPICS Phase-Out FAQ (released in 2014):