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2017 Fall InstituteSeptember 21, 2017
Modern Woodmen Park
209 S. Gaines Street
Davenport, Iowa

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Past Events

September 2016

Afterschool STEM Learning Activity: Snap Circuits

Jacalyn Swink, Burlington Community School District 21CCLC Program

Michelle Rich, Iowa Afterschool Alliance

Through the use of a product called “Snap Circuits” (available online at http://bit.ly/amazonsnapcircuits), participants will learn how to develop a high quality afterschool STEM active learning activity utilizing the Dimensions of Success (DOS) framework. For more information on the DOS instrument, visit http://www.pearweb.org/tools/dos.html.

Community Partnerships for Sustainability with Beth Malicki and David Welter

Beth Malicki, Kids on Course Program Leader, Zach Johnson Foundation Board Member and KCRG-TV9 News Anchor

David Welter, Retired Cedar Falls School Administrator, Currently an Education Consultant with Catalyst-Ed Expert Network

The right partners can help reduce your costs and grow your resources, while increasing positive outcomes for children who need support the most. Learn how a building principal and community volunteer harnessed the power of partners to help children and grow their proven programs.

Literacy Development in Afterschool Programs

Vic Jaras, Consultant, Iowa Department of Education

This session will introduce simple strategies to help at-risk children learn 90% of the words in print and online. Participants will learn how to incorporate a formative assessment to check on students’ understanding and provide literacy lessons in a fun and engaging way. Resources will be provided to take back to the classroom.

Cultural Responsiveness in Afterschool Programs: People, Practices, Policies

Rhonda Calderon, Iowa Afterschool Alliance

What does it mean for Iowa’s afterschool programs to be culturally responsive? How do students benefit when programs are designed and delivered in culturally responsive ways? Together, we’ll apply a continuum of cultural proficiency to practically examine our programs for opportunities and challenges in cultural responsiveness. And, we’ll discuss how afterschool leaders can model the way for transforming people, practices and policies to better serve the whole child with real skills of cultural proficiency.

4-H Culturally-Based Youth Leadership Accelerators mentioned by Cassie Gerst: https://youtu.be/s4CnTl6ZQQA

Effective Budgets for 21CCLC Programs

Vic Jaras, Consultant, Iowa Department of Education

Melissa Knepp, OST Programs Assistant Manager, Davenport Community Schools

This session is geared at directors of 21st Century out-of-school-time programs in Iowa. An overview will be provided of program budgets and expectations from a state perspective. A program perspective on budgeting will also be shared. There will be opportunity for questions and clarifications. We will review allowable and not allowable expenses. A guide related to budgeting for 21st Century programs will be covered.

Full-service Community Schools 101

Shaney Ford, Out of School Time Specialist, Davenport Community Schools

Steve Mielenhausen, Principal, Madison Elementary School, Davenport

In this session we will discuss the philosophy of a full service community school, what the working components are to the project, the importance of partners within the project, how to implement and scale up, and the impact it can have on the students and parents within a full service school.

September 2015

We held our Fall Professional Development Workshop in Davenport on September 25, 2015, hosted by 21st Century Community Learning Centers!

The workshop began at 10:00 am, and included a lunch plenary presentation by the Iowa Reading Research Center's Director, Deborah Reed, PhD. Two workshop tracks followed, with one track for program directors and another track for front-line staff.

For a full agenda, click on this file:

Welcome Powerpoint:

Below, find the resources from this event that our presenters have provided:

Training your Staff to do Effective Read Alouds presented by Angela Cardamon and Kate McCormick:

Handouts for Training your Staff to do Effective Read Alouds

Financial Literacy for 21st Century Programs presented by Vic Jaras:

Integrating Vocabulary into Programming presented by Angela Cardamon and Kate McCormick:

Handout for Integrating Vocabulary into Programming

How to Make the Most of Public Media Resources presented by Trista Peitzman
To view resources you can use in your classroom today, click here

To view the PBS Education Portal, go to www.iptv.org/education

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Indira Karic at iblazevic@sppg.com.

September 2014

On September 12, 2014, Iowa's 21st Century Community Learning Centers hosted 50 professionals for a day of workshops at Davenport's River Center. Afterschool program staff and administrators from across the state attended workshops on everything from engaging students, to budgeting, to STEM and reading intervention in afterschool.

A big thank you to the City of Davenport for providing us with the space, and to our friends at the Davenport Community Schools for helping make it a great day!

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We're excited that Iowa's afterschool professionals are so actively invested in providing quality programming to the youth they serve. Thank you for your dedication!

Workshop Program

Below, find the resources from this event that our presenters have provided:

The Role of the Principal in Afterschool
presented by T.J. Schneckloth, Steve Mielenhausen, and Tonya Wilkins

Engaging Students

presented by Sarah Harris

GIS Geo-Mentoring,
presented by Adam Skibbe and Rick Havel

Hands-On STEM
presented by Jen Best

NGSS in Afterschool
presented by Kris Kilibarda

Summer Reading Intervention Programs
presented by Beth Evans, Tarrah Parrish, and Shaney Ford

The Whole Child Panel

Making STEM sySTEMic
presented by Nichole Myles