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Sign up for the Afterschool Advisor

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The Impact After School Conference is an annual convening of afterschool professionals to take actual tools back to their programs to improve quality of activities, operations, and community relationships. The conference occurs usually the last few weeks of April each year.

To view photos, visit the Iowa Afterschool Alliance website.

Parent Engagement
The Parenting Way website - Iowa nonprofit focusing on parent engagement

Chess Club- How to start a chess club-
Illinois Chess Association-

Photography Club Lessons

ArcGIS Online
Give your students real data to use in exploring history! This free-to-educators Esri software, ArcGIS Online, allows educators and students to explore the world using data and maps. You can request your free ArcGIS Online for Organizations subscription by completing **this simple form**.

Ricochet, a leadership and service learning program for middle school students through 4H and ISU Extension and Outreach:

The Teaching Channel
Great Instructional Videos-

VR Club

Video Club How to use video with students (resources for Apple, Chrome, PC and more)

Tech Club Student Tech Support –Gen Yes has been doing this for years with great success.

NASA Robotics
(for 6-8 grade)

Report on Funding for Summer Learning:
Access via this link.

The Elks

Funded by Microsoft, Skoolbo is a great resource to help with reading and math, offering free software for teachers and students

March 3rd is Read Across America Day!

Here are some activities and resources that can be utilized:

We Can Change the World - STEM for Schools

Global Positioning Systems and Geocaching: A Fun Outdoor Activity for School or at Home
Satellites, ground stations, and receivers are combined to create a Global Positioning System (GPS). NASA created this web page and this "GPS and the Quest for Pizza" video to explain how a GPS works. Once your students understand how a GPS works, have them try an activity called “geocaching.” With a handheld GPS device/enabled mobile phone and a set of coordinates, students can locate caches in the schoolyard, a local park, or any location you choose. Caches are containers that are camouflaged to blend into their surroundings. Inside, your students may find a logbook to sign, inexpensive trinkets, or possibly more coordinates to the next cache. Geocaching is great way to combine science, physical activity, and the great outdoors.

Here are some geocaching resources to get you started:

Together Counts: Win for Your School for Kids for Kids
Parent Section
Educators Section
Emergency Checklists for Kids and Parents

Engage students with Awesome stories. This is a new site with free access for individuals but they charge a fee for school membership and it may provide additional content.

Vic's Picks for early grade reading: The Best of Humanities on the web! Online Vocabulary Games for kids Early Learning Games For ESL kids, this site focuses on learning English through games Another Great ESL learning site

“There should be joy in Learning” -Vic

FREE grant writing resources from Atomic Learning!

Online Democracy Game For Afterschool: The American Democracy Game Explore, discover and learn about advertising
For Teachers:

Curriculum Resources
Education Week: Students Must Learn More Words, Say Studies A great resource for after school with content aligned with the common core.Funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, CFY's is a free web-based K-12 learning platform for students, educators and parents. It was recently featured in the New York Times. This site was reviewed by the NY Times (
United States District Court for the District of Minnesota
Iowa Public Television Education
Iowa State Hygienic Lab
This is a FREE site (funded with a federal grant) They have a ton of online content all organized by content areas aligned to the Common Core.

PBS Electric Company
Front & Back Covers - Extended Learning Program (PDF)
Part 1 – Extended Learning Program (PDF)
Part 2 – Extended Learning Program (PDF)
Training Script - Extended Learning Program (PDF)
Training Presentation - Extended Learning Program (PowerPoint, 71MB)
Episode Clips - Extended Learning Program (YouTube)

PBS TeacherLine's Self-Paced Courses!
Teaching Phonemic Awareness and Phonics (RDLA157)
Teaching Reading Fluency (RDLA195)
Developing Chronological Reasoning Skills (SOST1011)
Using Primary Sources in World History (SOST1001)
Developing Historical Thinking Skills (SOST1005)
TeacherLine Full Catalog

PBS Digital Resources
American Authors in the 19th Century
Great Expectations: Happily Ever After?
The Use of Soliloquy
Poem by Emily Dickinson
Meet the Author
Consonant Digraphs
Storybook Creator
Blue Ribbon Readers
Martha Speaks
Silent - E -
Middle School Literacy Collection
The Anthology of Rap

Useful Links October Calendar
Library of Congress E-Reading Site
PBS LearningMedia
PBS Kids
Disney Go
Big Universe
Peep & The Big Wide World
Storyline Online
Professor Garfield
The Electric Company Extended Learning Program
The Comic Book Project
Wonderwise - Women in Science in collaboration with 4H
Afterschool Universe (from NASA)
Iowa Department of Education
Iowa Afterschool Alliance
US Department of Education 21CCLC
Gateway for Afterschool and 21CCLC
First Children's Finance
Resources on Afterschool
SEDL Afterschool Training Toolkit
SEDL National Center for Quality Afterschool
Afterschool Alliance
Iowa Service Learning Online
Foundations Inc.
You for Youth
After School Zone

From Other 21CCLCs:
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file/ISU Extension Nutrition and Activity Calendar - Keep Clover on Doc
file/STARS CR 21CCLC Parent Handbook 2011.pdf
file/STARS CR 21CCLC Behavior Sheet.pdf
file/STARS CR 21CCLC Enrollment Form.pdf
file/STARS CR 21CCLC Snack Menu.pdf
file/STARS CR 21CCLC Staff handbook 2011.pdf
file/STARS CR 21CCLC Staff Safety Manual 2011.pdf
file/STARS CR 21CCLC Workplan.pdf
file/STARS CR 21CCLC Newsletter Oct 10.pdf
file/STARS CR 21CCLC Summer Reading Info.pdf
file/STARS CR 21CCLC One-pager.pdf

From the You 4 Youth Flash Drive:
file/ASD Practitioner Tips.pdf
file/Activity- Complementing School-Day Learning.pdf
file/Sample Memorandum of Understanding.pdf
file/Youth Input.pdf
file/Training Guide.pdf
file/Professional Development Planning Tool.pdf
file/Project Planner.pdf
file/PBL Research Brief.pdf
file/STEM Diagram.pdf
file/Making STEM Map.pdf
file/Exploding the Myths.pdf

From the Iowa Afterschool Alliance:
Literacy Strategies that Work
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math that Students Enjoy
Mitigating Summer Learning Loss
[[file:Afterschool Toolkit: Community to Business]]
file/Beyond the Checkbook from the Finance Project
file/CCDF and 21CCLC State Efforts to Facilitate Coordination for Afterschool Programs
file/Connecting Communities with Colleges and Universities.pdf
file/Engaging Older Youth
file/How to Write Measurable Goals and Objectives
file/Putting Data to Work PPV.pdf
file/Making the Afterschool Meal Program Work for Your Community
[[file:Planning for Sustainability: Elements of Sustainable 21st CCLC Programs]]
file/Performance Measures in Out-of-School Time Evaluation
[[file:Meeting the High School Challenge: Making After-School Work for Older Students]]
file/Needs Assessment Worksheet
file/Supplemental Education Services Funds Guide

More resources available on the Iowa Afterschool Alliance website